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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bay area right now. it's going to be picking up just in time for the commute. unfortunately, here it comes rolling on in. we have much brighter and warmer days ahead. we will talk about that coming up. >> the roads are slick once again this important. the drive to work is coming up. we begin with an earthquake. things falling off shelves. it was a magnitude 6.9 about 10:18 last night. it was 50 miles off the coast of eureka. there was no susan mcginnis.
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cbs news' marlie hall reports crews are focusing on the waters off vietnam. >> reporter: vietnamese navy planes spotted what they think could be fragments from a missing malasian airline. had they have yet to locate the debris. >> reporter: experts are part of the team investigating. >> we will have a better idea of what happened once we are able to recover the cockpit recorder. >> reporter: the boeing 777 carrying 239 people was en route to beijing from malaysia's capitol stay when it vanished. they may have turned back to
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kuala lumpur without warning. up to four passengers with questionable identification were on board. >> we should be careful not to jump into conclusion. >> reporter: the families of chinese passengers on board are demanding answers and applying for visas and expedited passports to travel to where the doomed flight took off. marlie hall, cbs news. >> the 11-year-old jet was last inspected ten days before the disappearance and was found in proper continue. continuing coverage on the missing flight, we will have the latest information on our news rooms and also online at 4:32 now. a freak accident killed an oakland women. a little bit from a eucalyptus tree fell through her car.
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she died the at scene. police are searching for a driver involved in this fatal hit-and-run. it happened 3:00 yesterday afternoon near the coliseum in olde. chp says one of the drivers and passenger died. witnesses say the two drivers were fighting before the accident happened. a pursuit through four bay area counties ended in san jose with an arrest in the shooting of a san francisco police officer. meanwhile, 28-year-old officer adam show is recovering from his wounds. the highway patrol joined in the search late saturday night trying to stop the suspect's car in richmond. that car sped away leading officers on a high-speed chase through alameda, contra costa and solano counties. a spike strip stopped the car in san jose. the driver was 50-year-old jeffrey rolano of san francisco. he was arrested on suspicion of
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shooting officer shaw in the shoulder two women in the car were detained and later released. an imposer has been -- a water maintenance truck was stolen on thursday. it contained an official work badge, hard hot. it was spotted near redwood christian church. they might knock on your door to notify people of temporary water outages. a state law makers introduces a bill for new protections for california's electrical grid. the bill by senator jerry hill of san mateo would require utility companies to develop detailed security plans. the push follows last april's attack on a pg&e substation in south san jose. snipers fired more than 100 rounds at the facility and took
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out 17 transformers. pg&e say they have plans to install advanced camera systems and additional alarms at that station and others. extension to the largest city could be finished a lot sooner than expected. additionally, it will hook through downtown san jose and end up in santa clara. >> don knapp has more on the project's surprising progress. >> this will be a critical option for an extremely congested corridor. >> reporter: making easy for companies to get workers to get to work. how soon? sometime around the fall of the year 2017. >> vta is the project owner builder. we are working cooperatively with bart in ra very good partnership.
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we do all the train testing. we will hand the system over to bart and it will operate seamlessly as part of the system. >> the padilla worries about the downside to bart's arrival. >> i feel like they are going to start coming towards us. >> alan ease says the statistics reflect the community they are in. besides, there will be sheriff's for safety. she predicts great success. >> when we build the full 16-mile extension it's estimated that the san jose extension when completed will carry nearly 100,000 passengers. >> reporter: don knapp, kpix 5. santa clara county voters have twice approved the funds needed to build the extension. we begin with a little bit of drizzle out there, don't we? >> yeah. we are starting to see rain on the high-def doppler radar. looks like we will start out wet on monday. after this we are going to dry out for quite some time.
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enjoy the rain while we have it, although it may cause problems with the commute early on this morning. we see this cold front dropping into the bay area now but reichly to be falling apart as it moves on through. you see some of that rain beginning to make its way through the north bay and then it's going to slowly slide in across the rest of the bay area. the storm is done by 9 or 10:00 and then skies will clear out and lots of sunshine into the afternoon. we have seen some drizzle early on. showers showing up in the north bay. temperatures are fairly mild and muggy. 59 degrees in san jose. 55 in san francisco. and already 61 degrees in livermore. as we head towards the afternoon we'll see a hot of 60s, even a couple of 70s and a little sunshine, too. and we could be headed towards some record breaking temperatures next weekend. we will have more on that in a few weekend. i am surprised we are not seeing a lot of incident outs there. so silicon valley, drivers webb
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237 no props leaving lieu peteis. picking up steam heading towards the high-rise leaving hayward webb. 13 or 14 minutes takes you to the peninsula. at bait bridge overnight roadwork should be wrapping up in the next 20 minutes in the left lanes on the upper deck. that's your latest traffic. >> thank you. happening today public safety officials will release details of their enhanced security measures for this year's boston marathon. last year three people were killed and more than 260 injured in bombings near the finish line. local, state, and federal agencies have been working on a plan to beef up security for the race in april. police are expecting 36,000 runners and up to a million spectators z. >> a first of its kind club is opening in colorado. the hurdles the marijuana club
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had to overcome. before you sign that rental lease know your rights. the three most confusing items in a lease and they could be the most costly if you don't know your stuff.
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recreational use. as k-p-i-x five's anne makovec a group of california democrats is making a new push to legalize marijuana for recreational use. as kpix 5's anne mackall vick reports it could lead to a showdown between governor brown and his number two. >> reporter: marijuana could eventually be treated like alcohol or tobacco in california if state democrats get their way. they met for the party convention this weekend in l.a. where the lt. governor made the push they recognize the responsibility. >> reporter: california was the first state to legalize medical pot in 1996 but it's been leapfrogged by wash and
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colorado which have already legalized it for recreational use. >> i like the two states that show us how it's going work. >> reporter: even though it could put billions of dollars at the state coffers for taxes, the governor hoss concerns. >> if there is advertising andy jet ma su, how many people can get stoned and have a great state or a great nation? the world is dangerous. i think we need to stay alert 24 hours a day. >> reporter: the most likely scenario, a ballot measure in front of voters in 2017 but newsom says they may be able to legalize pot themselves. >> if somehow we can demonstrate some conviction on this, because i know a lot of republicans up in sacramento agree on this, we don't need to go to the voters. we can legislate this. >> and there is increasing public support for legalizing marijuana. in a field poll from december 55% of california voters said yes.
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only 31% said no. in the newsroom. >> in that field poll support was stronger in the bay area where 70% of respondents backed legalizing marijuana. colorado couple is about to open the nation's legally sanctioned marijuana club. although that state has legalized recreational pot there were some legal hurdles in this. the clean air act, which prevents smoking anything a business. the owners are getting around that by being licensed as a private clock. we knew it would happen. >> they believe it will keep owners from driving stoned. when it cops to close calls they don't get any closer than this. take a look. a small private plane in florida was doing touch and go
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exercises on saturday but the plane didn't go very far when it got caught in the cords of a parachute. the parachute was thrown back into the air. the cessna did a nosedive and, amazingly, out of all of this nobody was seriously hurt. >> unbelievable. looks like it land haded -- landed on its wheels. >> and the parachutist. >> i know. >> you think it's scary enough to get hit down and then you get hit by a plane. >> that is a bad day. we have some wet weather coming our way. storm clouds moving in now. could be rain this among. by this afternoon we clear the skies out. you can see the heavy amounts of rainfall so far located in the north bay. the bands of yellows and oranges there coming down pretty well in through santa rosa towards fieldsberg. this is all going to work its way slowly to the south this morning and be headed out of town and falling apart as it does.
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morning rain early on and then by the afternoon, yeah, clearing skies and mild temperatures. a little sunshine out there and more sunshine and warmer temperatures for the remainder of the week. maybe getting to some record levels towards the weekend. here is your cold front. it's moving on through this important. that will bring with it showers early on. that's some 9 in the afternoon as high pressure builds in. temperatures around the state, watch out for showers there. about 63 degrees. rain in yosemite. let's time out the storm as it moves through 9:00 or so it has moved passed the bay area. skies clear out if the afternoon. a lot of sunshine around the bay area and looks like a pretty nice day indeed. a little bit of a breeze. 60s and 70s in the south by. a lot of 60s and 70s in the east bay. 66 in san francisco and 62 in daly city. you know what? by this next weekend maybe a couple of 80s on saturday and sunday. spring fever breaking out everywhere. >> which it feels like in the
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studio today. all right. let's take you outside. first, i got a quick mass transit note. the real mccoy ferry is down. here is a live look at the roads. a little drizzly outside. westbound 92 still holding steady this morning towards the peninsula. bay bridge, this left lane like usual remains blocked on the babe bridge-heading westbound. should be wrapping up about five. no delay out of the oakland area into san francisco. in fact, all of your most popular east bay drive times usually around this time of the morning, clear through the altamont pass. the nimitz freeway between oakland and hayward and the east shore. richmond berkeley. here's what we're talking about. you can see that westbound 580 drive quiet past the pleasanton
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area into the castro valley. live look at the nimitz right now in oakland and southbound 880 near the oakland coliseum. except for that real mccoy forry everything on time, including bart systemwide. that's your latest kpix traffic. >> thank you. u.s. stock futures are flat ahead of this morning's opening bell. asian markets sank on disappointing news about chinese trade. >> reporter: this week investors will find out if americans are shopping again. reports on retail sales and consumer sentiment are due in the coming days. on friday the dow rose nearly 31 points. the nasdaq dropped 16 points. u.s. employers stepped up hiring last month despite the brutal winter weather. the labor department said friday the economy added 175,000 jobs in future. the unemployment rate inched up
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to 6.7% from 6.6 because more americans started looking for work. a recent recall for faulty buckles. grieco has to march 20 to explain why the recall did not include infant seats which have the same buckles. graco has said that the buckles get stuck. and credit card companies mastercard and visa have formed a cross group. the new group plans to focus on the adoption of computer chips that store information rather than on traditional magnetic strips. the new cards with the chips are supposed to be harder to counterfeit and will better protect sensitive data through encryption. that's your moneywatch report. for more go to
4:49 am in new york i am jericka duncan. the misunderstandings renters and landlords have that could end up costing you after the lease is signed. >> and 52 jobs in 52 weeks. one woman's journey that helped her discover her true purpose in life.
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let's fly around the bay area today. we are starting out with rain early on, but by the afternoon the sun peeks through and we will see lots of wild temperatures. up to 69 in palo alto. 69 in sunnyvale and 70 degrees in campbell. maybe as high as 72 in gilroy. east bay temperatures will be
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nice after some showers. 69 degrees and sunshine in livermore. 67 in san ramon and 68 in walnut creek. rain this morning, but by the afternoon some sunshine, too. 68 in santa rosa. 67 in novodo. and 76 downtown san francisco. on this rainy commute monday so far things are quiet if you are traveling highway 4. beat the rush westbound from anitoch into concord. we will have your travel times and a check of your traffic coming up. with all the complicated ins and outs of renting in the bay area a new survey finds many renters aren't too sure what their rights are as a tenant. >> as mark kelly tells us many landlords aren't up to speed on the basic rental laws either. >> reporter: clashes between renters and lord lords seem to spark every few weeks in san francisco like this one over
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ellis act evictions. before you sign that lease, how closely did you read the fine print? >> very little idea what my rights are as a renter. >> reporter: turns out graham todd is in good company. zillow sur void renters found that 47% of people were in the dark about basic rental laws. landlords scored worse at 50%. topics most confusing for both renters and their landlords security deposits, renter privacy, and ending a lease early. on the flip side when it comes to discriminatory ads, rentals, both sides knew their stuff. to check if people know their rights when they are rent we go decided to take the survey to the streets. >> i know that i can't be kicked out right away. >> give them permission to enter, i believe. >> the landlord has much more
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than renters. >> reporter: we had charlie goss with the san francisco apartment association look at the survey himself. >> the number of tenants that don't know their rights, yes, that was a little surprising. >> reporter: he says san franciscoans have more rights than other bay area renters. take water. in san francisco the landlord is on the hook if water rates go up. the more tenants and landlords study up on these laws clashes like this one could become a scene of our past instead of our future. >> in our opinion, the more education, the more every tenant and every landlord knows their rights, the less likely they are to get into arguments over things we don't need to be arguing about. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. >> that survey was national in scope. differently calties can have some differences. an unlikely candidate is joining a mission to take on 52
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jobs in 52 weeks. 60-year-old linda chase from portland, oregon, lost her job and then her husband to brain-cancer. should he felt broken and ready for a new experience. she met a man who started the year-long project several years ago after doing week long stints in a wide variety of tasks she says she discovered something new about herself. >> what this came for me was about always looking at the possibilities in your life and getting involved in your community. >> reporter: linda says after finishing her 52 weeks she realizes she loves to sing and taking voice lessons. 4:55. i was thinking it was 555. the sandy hook shooter's father is speaking out for the first
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time. disappeared without a trace. a malaysian jetliner disappears without a trace. search efforts to find the plane continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a large earthquake rattles northern california overnight. the magnitude 6.9 quake 50 miles west of eureka west of the ocean. it did not trigger tsunami warnings or cause any significant damage. >> we should be careful not to jump into conclusions. >> a search plane has spotted what may be debris from that malaysian airline that vanished two days ago. the 777 was carrying 239 people when it disappeared. investigators are looking at two passengers who boarded the plane using stolen passports. >> this will be a critical,
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critical ability option for an extremely congested corridor. >> bart's expansion to san jose could be finished sooner than projected. that means bart trains could be running into the south bay into the fall of 2017. from across the bay to around the world the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. what a play by the panda. >> good morning, everyone. i am michelle griego. >> a little weather with lawrence. we have a little rain? >> not for long. this is probably the last rain we see for a while. if you are headed out the door this morning, yeah, the showers already beginning to show up in parts of the north bay. it's going to be bagging through the rest of the bay area through the commute hours. our doppler radar showing you heavier amounts in the north bay right now. it will slowly fall apart this morning and by the afternoon the sky is going to part. we will see a lot of sunshine and very mild temperatures. speaking of mild, it's already
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60 degrees in san jose. 56 in san francisco and 59 degrees in livermore. as we head towards the afternoon 69, some sunshine into san jose. 70 in fairfield and 66 degrees in san francisco. more on your weather in a few minutes. right now check out the roads with elizabeth. >> even with a little bit of drizzle outside sometimes we see a number of different accidents happen, more spin outs on the on and off-ramps. this is the kind of morning you want to take in a little extra time. a few raindrops on the camera lens. so far no delayed out of oakland into san francisco. right now they should be picking up the cones, reopening those left lanes that had been closed overnight due to roadwork. this is traffic towards the richmond san rafael bridge. back to you. 5:00 now. developing news out of asia. the families of some of those


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